As lanky as David. Just that he would kill two Goliaths at once.

He is neither walking up and down nor jumping around. It’s somewhere in between. If he is not mingling with the “age-mates of his younger brothers”, he is leaving his house to go pick up and drop a friend somewhere, only to come back home with an almost empty fuel tank. He could be sitted here and with a plan to get some real hard work done but there comes in the call and he forgets about his priorities. Or maybe what we miss is what his real priorities are — People.

That’s who he is. He can’t resist people. He can’t resist the smile, joy and happiness that helping others brings to their faces and his. He works so hard only to donate it all so fast. He likes to tell me “Guy, how much will you save to buy a Range? You grow to that heights. Not save to it. You will just feel like a Range by lunch and drive it to dinner”. Not the exact words but that was how he always sounded. That life is a lot more than the petty hold-backs and selfishness. That life is about the moments. That money is valuable — only when we use it to put a smile on the faces of others and on the side, find fulfiment.

Sitted we were at our VGC MEDIA office sometime in 2015. An afternoon I will never forget. Yemi said he was broke and I checked my wallet and gave him 3,000 NGN to support his “brokeness” as we like to joke about being broke. 10 minutes later this young boy passed by. He wore a piece of passed-on Ankara and carried a tray of banana. “Omo ologede” was soon in and we got some pieces. Yemi cared less about the banana, and was more interested in why the young guy who should be in school was there hawking banana around noon. Then followed was the boy’s story of how he was sent away from school due to non-payment of fees. If you know Yemi, you can probably predict by now what happened next. Money exchanged hands. Yemi followed him home to ensure it got to his parents and his fees got paid.

He is awesome (read: crazy) like that. He could be broke, but ‘shebi’ he would be fine. This boy on the hand had a future at stake. All he had at stake was probably dinner.

These and more have I learnt from this Master of Freedom of Thought since 2013 when his elder cousin employed me remotely and asked me to travel to Yemi’s place to learn a particular software. ‘Bros D’ will never understand how the whole idea failed except if he gets to read this article. We would go out in the day so he could teach me at night and then we would discuss ideas and rational life thoughts at night so he could teach me by morning. Then we would repeat this from Monday to Friday so we could begin the classes over the weekend. But the weekend was always too short ‘cos we had to be at Jos Indulge, and drive around campus almost aimlessly. So we would in the week to follow. Then please read all over from what we did in the first day.

Yemi thought me to drive, to swim (err, not like I really can yet though), to be a better designer (although I can slap him now for a horrible design), to dream big (he always wanted to make a Million Dhirams — highest currency in the world he would say), to love large, to be humble and to go the extra mile for people (not sure this lesson stuck to me).

I want to continue this but his birthday is almost over and I have to post this now so that this does not come by morning when we have all moved on from paying attention to this young out-of-this-world chap. We should all note though that sooner than later, we will all have to pay more attention, and on a daily.

More to talk about really. More thoughts on my mind. The moments we had when I was his best man, the several wonderful things he told me about his wife, and interestingly the plans he has for the world and things that always get me like, “Guy, shey you will calm down first”.

Oh am I missing the entire title in this write-up? Errmm…. I am actually reluctant to put it like this because he has been investing a lot of resources and time into keeping fitting and ‘biceping up’.

But you know, as of the time of this writing, Yemi has got no biceps at all. No 2 packs let alone 6, but the strength, will and maturity of his mind can stand a nation of giants. And he would wear confidently that smile of his — pacing on a spot in what is his trademark act, looking up and down as if he saw none of them.

‘Finding my writing’, under the blanket of the known image of a Designer and Agency Founder.