The people in me

These days I am reflecting more, observing more, appreciating more, and reducing the noise, specifically digital noise. Technology is amazing for so many factors but its social connection component really gives us all way more than our minds and hearts were designed to carry. Across my social accounts, I am interacting with hundreds of people and many more hundreds of content pieces. It looks exciting but it robs me of a lot. These days I am realising this, spending less time on digital social, a little more on actual social, and most importantly the inner social, with the people that make up me, the people in me — my spirit, my soul, my mind, my conscience, my memory, my destiny, my body, my alter-ego, the supernatural still voice, and the other people within me that I am daily getting to meet.

Say hello to my new friends — the people in me. And by the way, the people in you sent you friend requests. Please remember to check.



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Victor A. Fatanmi

‘Finding my writing’, under the blanket of the known image of a Designer and Agency Founder.