You will be “too proud” soon

I am sure you have heard someone tell you about another person who used to be their friend. They used to be colleagues or they grew up together but now the other person no longer picks up their calls, visit, or ‘roll’ with them. Because… he is now more successful and proud.

Maybe you nodded in agreement, or maybe you also have someone you think of like that. There is one thing we all miss when we feel this way and one that we will understand as we begin to take our lives more seriously.

When we decide to get our lives together, and set ambitious goals with challenging routines and routes to achieve them, it typically involves a lot of cutting down so that we can find the time to do the deep work required. From that moment, we begin to say no to many things but nobody observes or gets angry with us yet, because we are not top-of-mind for them at the moment, which makes sense, as we are just one of many friends.

The moment the results arrive, however, we are top-of-mind for everyone, inevitably. And this is not something to be angry about. The person on stage, with the spotlight on them, gets everyone’s attention. It’s not a bad, wicked or selfish behaviour on their part. It’s just a normal explainable phenomenon. At that moment our day-1 homies realize ‘oh, this guy no longer has my time’. As you take your life seriously, that will be you too, soon, inevitably. IIWIS.


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Victor A. Fatanmi

‘Finding my writing’, under the blanket of the known image of a Designer and Agency Founder.